This is us

We are really happy that are here and want to know more about us!
We are Christina&Sven from Stuttgart, Germany. We are happily married since 2013 and from the moment we met we started a wonderful adventure and it was the best that could have ever happened to us.
We love live and love to to document it in pictures.
Apart from photography we love spending time with friends and family. We love music, traveling and good food!



Every couple has their unique story to tell. All events and people in your live have shaped you lead you to where you are now. That is what makes a wedding so special. Everything that has happened and all the lovely people who accompanied you through the years are present when you will make your vows to share your future from now on.

This is why we love photographing weddings and couples so much. It is a huge privilege to be part of such an important day and to capture those moments that are so unique, authentic and intimate.

Our goal is to make you happy. Happy about authentic and honest pictures and about spending time together.

Over the years we’ve met and covered the wedding of multiple international couples. And we always get excited about these weddings! We love getting to know new cultures and see people coming together form all over the world to celebrate a wedding. We are completely fluent in English and are able to blend right in.

If there are any questions about us or our work do not hesitate to drop us a line. We’d be very happy to get to know you!